Happy Mother’s Day!

All-enduring and selfless love is available nowhere except in the heart of a mother. She never applies her mind when it comes to her child. She is the maker; she is the keeper; she is the energy; she is the teacher; she is the real owner; and so she is the appearance of God as a human. We are quick to take offence at something rude others say or do, but when our mother says or does the same thing, we take no offence – why? It is because we know she is entirely without malice. I am proud that I am the son of my mother! Mom, how I love to remember those moments when at your knee, I used to listen to your songs and stories! Mom, I feel an ocean of love leaping in me when I recall the way you brought me up! Mom, I cherish the memories of my childhood! Mom, I was the part of you and ever be! My beloved Mom, my sweet, sweet Mom, I love thee – I love thee too much!

Impossible Customer

Galaxy: An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal has published my short story “Impossible Customer” today. The story tells of how bank and insurance staff show tact and patience with difficult customers and also aims to dispel the notion that an employee often discriminates against some of his visitors.


बीमा और बैंक के कार्यालयों में अक्सर कुछ ऐसे ग्राहक आते हैं जिन्हें संतुष्ट कर पाना एक चुनौती होती है | मेरी इस कहानी को पढ़िए और देखिए बैंक, बीमा के कर्मचारी किस तरह दुरूह ग्राहकों को प्रसन्न रखते हैं |



There stands a mother behind everything. It is mother who gives life; it is mother who brings us up; it is mother who trains and educates us; it is mother who loves us unconditionally; it is mother who forgives us; furthermore, it is mother who accepts both our vice and virtue. So does God. This is why God is our father but more precisely He is our mother. He is both Shiva and Durga; He is both Brahma and Sarashwati; and He is both Narayan and Lxami.

Ma 3

The boat of my life sails,
Celestial Ma, guide it.
Storms are strong,
Mighty Mum, save it.
The sea is vast and deep.
O Omnipresent Mama!
Put the guardian hand on it.
O the Daughter of Himalayas,
Take not thy light away!
I want to row to your chosen isle,
O the Lion Rider!
Cup me gently in thy hands!
Cup me gently in thy hands!
Cup me gently in thy hands!

                                    – Ramesh Tiwari

Happy Navratri, everyone!

The Very Myself

While thinking of dying, I had a flash of life

The dark world of mine got a divine light.

I saw God holding something precious and high,

The friendship of you soon I was enriched by.

Friend, you are a drink, for I for you always pine

Like a drinker seems to be dying for a glass of wine.

Leave me not alone. O My friend, my soul, my life!

The very myself, for you leave me not to strive.

For all the faults and wrongs I have ever done

Who stands by my side, you are still the only one.

The world is not worth living without you, my friend;

Going by like a day, each moment I have spent.

-Ramesh Tiwari