Recollections of Childhood Spent in a Village. 

Read the extract from a story in ‘Snippets of Life Music’ and feel the recollections of childhood spent in a village.


“Threshing floor,” Deep repeated, looking up from his food and turning to me with a dreamy look in his eyes. “Oh it brings back bitter-sweet memories for me. I had to drive a pair of oxen, yoked together, round and round in circles over a circular bed of dried wheat plants in the heat of the midday sun and to continue doing it until dusk. Sometimes my father would harness the animals to a threshing sledge and ask me to drive them, standing on the runners, so that the stems and husks might be crushed and seeds could be separated from the straw faster. It was sort of a very exhausting job because we had to work in the blistering afternoon sun and the dry blades or bristles on the glumes of spikelets made tiny cuts in the skin. Sometimes I was so tired of the merry-go-round of the job that I longed for someone else to do that for me. But my father, on the contrary, would go off, leaving me to carry on alone. I could do nothing except look out for someone in the vain hope that he would replace me. By then my father would return and instead of relieving me he would start turning over the sheaves. Sometimes when my inner voice prompted me to do my revision, I would implore him to drive the oxen for some time. But he often went mad at me and commanded me to get on with that. The harvest and threshing season during the summer vacations required the most concentrated labour activity. I was not allowed a break, even if I had hay fever. Anyway, it was all a tough life but not always without charm. A good many people would gather at the threshing ground after the sun went down and the evening cooled off. We would sit on the soft circular carpet of the trodden out straw in groups. The grown-ups told us fascinating stories of kings and queens of ancient India and with that we would forget the hard day’s work. After dinner, we would come back to that bed of nature and fall into a deep dreamless sleep which no king had ever had on their royal….

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A Heated argument over God and Religion

Here is an excerpt from a story in ‘Snippets of Life Music’. You will certainly find that the book is really a very fine buy or it is what you have been looking for:

‘Maybe you’re right, as religion is the first product of human civilization. But it would be unfair to take politics to be religion now.’

‘However, you can’t refuse to accept the differences that exist between different religious communities.’

‘Yes, social organization differs between the different groups of believers. Also, members of a group get used to their own culture which makes it difficult for them to adjust to different approaches. But then, it doesn’t cause them to become fanatical about religion until they are provoked by politics.’

‘Then why don’t you say that religion and politics are jointly liable to ethnic tensions?’

‘Why do you limit religion only to civics? After all it also includes spiritual values and worship of God whose pursuit gives a feeling of serenity and health. Some suffer from pain, some from anxiety, some are after the money and thus problems continue to prey on the minds of all, only a devotee of God smiles in self-fulfilment.’

‘Only a devotee of God smiles,’ said the atheist, echoing his words mockingly. ‘Lastly, you could not but reveal your hypocrisy. Ha ha ha!!!’

‘You people are so negative about everything!’ retorted the priest indignantly. ‘Just fear divine retribution and learn to respect the environment. God created the world and surrounded us with beautiful things and people. All’s well with the world, brother!’

‘What does God mean – perhaps a piece of stone? Oh well, an imaginary flash of light is often referred to as divine, isn’t it? What a load of superstitious nonsense!’

Next to the priest sat a strong lad of about twenty. ‘Watch your tongue, you!’ he bellowed at the atheist.

‘So you’ll shut my mouth!’ snorted the atheist.

‘I’ll wrench your neck if you tried to disparage God like that!’

Another young man got up with a face like thunder. ‘Wrench his neck if you are brave enough to!’ he said threateningly. ‘Well, that priest has been shooting his foul gob off about his religion – first, tell him to shut up.’

‘To hell with religion,’ blustered the first boy, standing up, ‘it may be your property or his. But nobody’s going to badmouth God!’

Both the priest and the atheist were fazed by the way the two lads started to argue. They could not but stare aghast at them.

‘Mind your language, young man!’ the second boy warned. ‘Nobody would believe you value God above money?’

‘You won’t say anything stupid if you know what’s good for…!’

‘Oh, stop arguing you …’

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Excerpt V

Heavenly Justice Comes into Play

An excerpt form a story in my book Snippets of Life Music:

‘Devil, you see things through the wall!’ groaned Ranjeet. ‘Where’s that lane behind my house?’

‘That space has been covered over by your backyard, blocking off our way to the neighbouring colony,’ Maiku countered in a firm voice.

‘What a fine story!’

‘This is all a story? I’ve concrete evidence to prove it, mind.’

‘Mind your neck, you! I’ll wrench it if…’

‘So you’ll hit me for speaking the truth, will you?’

‘And what am I – a liar?’

‘It’s blatantly obvious….’

‘You arrogant sonofabitch! I’ll teach you to call me a liar!’

‘Can your threats change fiction into truth, by the way?’

‘They can change your foul mouth. Wait it’ll never open again!’

So saying, Ranjeet gave a roar of rage and punched Maiku in the face.

Maiku stood bleeding, his legs failing him. He staggered a few yards, and fell onto a pile of bricks with a moan. He lay thinking of Bhallar, of Ranjeet, of Jata Shanker and also of the police and the advocate. They looked like giants to him, eager to devour his land, his money, his peace. But as he lifted his eyes to seek help from the Lord, he felt a hand on his…

Life Music

Procrastination Results in Terrible Events

The narrator has to purchase an electric fan and a takht (a piece of furniture that consists of a cot-size flat top supported by four legs) which he and his family need as a means of relaxing them in the evenings. Every day he goes to his office with a determination that he will come back home with them, but as he reaches there he gets deeply involved in his work, ignoring all that. And thus when he leaves his office, he forgets all about what he had decided to do. He not only suffers the sultry weather but also listens to his wife’s bitter reproaches on reaching home. Here is an excerpt from the story in ‘Snippets of Life Music’. You will certainly find that the book is really a very fine buy or it is what you have been looking for.

Excerpt II

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Psychological Horror Story

A psychological horror story ‘The Girl’ in which a beautiful, passionate woman of twenty-two lures her lover into forest around midnight, has a tiff with him and then a series of violent and frightening scenes. Here is an excerpt from my story book ‘Snippets of Life Music’. You will certainly find that the book is really a very fine buy or it is what you have been looking for:

“What happened next?” asked Harish, looking at him anxiously.

“I walked forward,” he continued, “towards a group of people with a view to listening to them; but as I edged closer, I saw a girl in white standing by them on the grassy slope. She was stunning. My eyes riveted on her face. She gave me a quick, upward glance then lowered her eyes. Then again she shot me a sideways glance as she turned to the right. Now I slid down the slope and came face to face with her. The charm of her beauty and vivacity eventually led me to feel a surge of love and desire for her.”

“Did she look like your Annu?”

“Exactly. At first I mistook that girl for her. But shortly afterwards, her strange behaviour aroused my suspicion. Anyway, our eyes met for a split second and we both looked away. My clumsiness embarrassed me, but after a short while she beckoned to me, swooping down the slope. At first I could not gather the courage to go near her but after her repeated signals, I stepped forward to reach her and to my surprise, she eluded me. The further I moved forwards, the further she stepped backwards. But as I halted, she too did the same, giving me an enchanting smile. I thought perhaps she wanted to be alone with me, so I began to walk again, but for all my efforts I could not get closer to her this time too.”

“It’s strange how you could not chase after her!” shot back Harish in surprise.

“I couldn’t indeed,” Jay enthused. “Instead, after a few minutes’ walk, I turned to look back and found that we were a long way from the people standing near the train. I thought it was not safe for us to go any further in the secluded forest around midnight. I finally stopped but, you know, she came up to me and held me by my arms. Her soft grip felt like some angel had taken me under her care. She pointed to a large flat rock a few yards away ….”

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A Story about the Stories

Life Music

One day one of my friends told me that he wanted to read my book. I happily gave him a copy.

“Friend, I’ll return it if it doesn’t appeal me,” he said frankly. “But, you know, if it interests me a little, I’ll purchase it.”

“You can keep it,” I replied, “no matter whether it interests you or not. I give it to you free.”

After a week the gentleman reported that the book was wonderfully evocative, but he would buy it if his wife approved.

“Oh brother!” I beamed. “We’ve worked together for years and I have a right to present you with a book.”

Another week passed, and my friend came to me again. Now he put 150 Rupees into my pocket, saying, “Friend, your book really produces pleasant ideas, emotions and memories, right as you told me. My wife spends most afternoons reading your book. Though it costs Rs 275, I’d ask special discount of you.”

Snippets of Life Music


‘Snippets of Life Music’ brings together twenty irresistible short stories and twenty five ingeniously scripted short-short stories by the master storyteller, who, in clear and simple prose, takes the reader into a world that is both surreal and real. The stories in the collection cater for all groups of readers. They unlock certain secrets of human life, convey wonderful information in a simple but surprisingly entertaining way, present practical solutions to some common problems, deal with spiritual and religious issues, open a world of fantasy and horror, expose the corrupt practices that exist within the system, send sweet pain of love and romance shooting up a passionate heart, thus intriguing and enthralling readers and tickling their imagination. Moreover, they leave an indelible impression, since they kindle feelings that are sure to stay with the audience for days.

My book offers my benign readers the opportunity of understanding just in few hours all that I have learnt in many years and that involves a lot of hard work. I have served facts and events up on this book as they naturally are rather than decorating them with swelling and glorious words or with some external embellishment. Moreover, I admire the enthusiasm and skill of Highbrowscribes Publications, New Delhi, who have designed my collected short stories in such a way as to make it possible for my valued audience to get the best book at the lowest possible price. I built up this collection over a period of ten years. The Book is expected to make a place on the best-seller list as it has soon started to gain in popularity.

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The Collected Short Stories

Buy a copy of my book ‘Snippets of Life Music’ (a collected short stories) through any of the following sources, read it and also let me know whether or not it entertained you well.

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